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Reading & Learning to Read

Alphabet & Phonics   |   Early Readers   |   Read For Reward
Word Puzzles & Games  |   Advanced Reading
Reading Assessment Tests

When it comes to education there is nothing more important to success than learning to read well. Reading opens doors to a world of entertainment and imagination. Reading and writing well are important ways in which we use language to communicate.

The links below are some of the best we've found anywhere on the web. If we have missed something which you feel should be included or you find any of these links no longer work feel free to contact us.


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SchoolExpress Phonics Worksheets - Help with blends, consonants, digraphs, and vowels.
Alphabet Sheets - This one is D'Nealian, but they also have Zaner Bloser.
Alphabet Action - Learn the very basics.
Help Alpha Find His Alphabet - Can you find them all?
Alphabet Themes and Activities for Kids - There are many for each letter.
Alphabet Buddies - Pictures to glue and paste for each letter.
ABC Tracing Pages - Helps to learn the letters.
Jan Brett Traditional Manuscript Page - Beautifully illustrated letters of the alphabet.
Alphabet Game - Learn words that start with each letter.
A to Z - Letters and pictures of simple objects.
Critter ABC's - Animals to match the letters.
A is for Angelfish - Nice pictures while learning the alphabet.
Alphabet Buddies - Comlete set of related activities as each letter of the alphabet is learned.
Leo Learns to Spell - From Scholastic. Cute. Drag the proper letters to spell the words.
Spelling - These activities from Harcourt Brace are a fun way to help the new speller.
Vowel Take Home Cards - A great way to practice vowel patterns.


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SchoolExpress Reading Worksheets - Help with reading and word activities, rhyming, sight words, storytime.
Garanimals Printable Bedtime Stories
Starfall K-2 Writing Exercise Sheets
What's the Word? - Match the word with the picture.
Let's Learn to Read - Listen and learn with this strong phonics approach.
Compound Words - Learn how two words combine to form a new word.
Shockwave Poem Pack - Read and listen to great poems. Vowel blends are introduced.
Dolch High Frequency Word Lists - Arranged by level of difficulty.
Look, Cover, Read, Write - Interactive word lists.
Rhyme Machine - Type in you name and a rhyming poem appears about you.
Learn to Read at Starfall - This site has many great interactive learn to read stories with free related practice pages you can download and print.
KidSpace - Links to many online picture books.
Lil Fingers Storybooks - Short stories for beginning readers.
The Land of Rainbow Colors - A fun, colorful site with easy stories for beginners.
Trip to Fox Mountain - A quick, easy to read story with vowels and blends highlighted in color.
Stop that Bus - A quick, easy to read book with vowels and blends highlighted in color.
AntBee - Cute, animated stories updated monthly.
Clifford The Big Red Dog's Interactive Storybooks - Read or listen to stories or play reading related activities.
Story Brook Lane - Stories about Christopher who is just like us.
The Missing Pencil - Listen to or read the story.
The Wishing Tree - Look and listen interactive story.
Cbeebies - Listen and read along with these stories from BBC.
Fimbles - Animated stories from the BBC
Alexander, and the No Good, Terrible, Horrible, and No Good Day - From the Kennedy Center. Requires Real Audio.
Billy Bear Storybook - Cute online book. Use the mouse to move
Story Box - Two bear stories.
Fablevision - Read, listen or download stories.
The Pine Cone Problem - This rabbit is having trouble.
Infant Explorer - Choose one of the five stories.
Small Stories for Little People - Enjoyable, short stories read by celebrities.
Poem Pack - Ten great poems with animation and sound.
Sniffy & Fluffy Have An Adventure - Find out what happens to this frog and fish.
Rhyme a Week - Great selection of rhymes in PFD format.
Traditional Stories - Many great choices with fun illustrations.
The Day Dizzy Duckling Got Lost - How could this happen?
Best Friends - This is a fun story set as a poem.
"Kat's Biggest and Best Idea" - Find out what it is.
Blue Bear - This is a good story for Spring
The Elementary Library - Read and listen. Try the preschool library too.
Uncle Scoots Big Discovery - Follow the wise owl on his adventure.
Pup's Supper - Read or listen to this Otter story from the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
Geronimo's Adventures - Rhyming stories about the adventures of a teddy bear.
The North Star - Choose your character and enjoy the story.
Sam's Rainy Day Boots - Puddles are fun!
Landie and the Loose Tooth - They can be a problem.
JJ and the Pesky Fly - How can you make it go away?
What Happened to All the Dinosaurs and What if They Would Come Back? - Read and find out.
Cheese Cookies - Should you eat all of them?
Big Books - read many well illustrated stories about nature
The Many Sisters of Molly Brown - What would happen if they all went away?
Out of the Nest - It is spring time, and the birds are out on their first adventure.
Aesop's Fables - Choose from 82 different stories.
The Adventures of Sticky Burr - A children's cartoon.
What Did Toby See? - A children's eBook.
Native American Bedtime Stories - A great collection of children's stories.
Tiger Aki - An easy to read story with cute illustrations.
But that Wasn't the Best Part - A story about a parade.
AuntBee's Children's Books - Cute, well illustrated stories using animals as the central character.
Happy Hippo - A story about the environment. You write the ending.
CBeeies Stories - Read, listen and watch.
Bantam Stories - Once upon a time, on the Island of Meddybemps.
Pecos Bill Cleans Up the West - A PBS recounting of the tale in poetry.
Farm House Stories - This is a tale about many little creatures who might live in the meadow.
Farm House Fables (Concise Version) - Try this version for younger children.
The Lonely Star Fish - What to do?
Turtle Tale - Read the story and learn how to make your own finger puppet.
Turtle and the Sky bowl - A Pueblo Indian tale retold.
It's Story Time - by Hans Wilhelm
Children's Story Books - Links to online books, riddles, mazes, coloring activities and more.
One Hundred & Twenty Loose Teeth - An animated stor.
The Snake Man - A story about a boy who loved snakes and becomes a hero.
The Colorful Story Book - A reproduction of the WWII version of famous stories.
Bedtime Stories - This site contains many great stories for adults and children to read together.
The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin - Complete text of the Beatrix Potter tale including pictures.
Old Time Fairy Tales - This site includes many excellent choices.
A Pocket Full of Rhymes - Give Wickywoks World and the Poetry Corner a try.
Reggie the Rhyming Rino - Click on the rhyming word.
Rhymes - All of the most popular children's rhymes are here.
Old Tyme Children's Poetry - Includes many good choices.
The Piggery - Three cute stories from which to choose.
Scrambled Nursery Rhymes - Like the magnetic poetry for your fridge. Drag the words into the proper order.
Nick Jr. - Click on the "Nick Jr. Playtime" button on the left to access stories.
MightyBook - Six sample books free. More requires subscription.
Children's Literature Web Guide - Internet resources related to books for children and young adults.
MainLesson.com - Hundreds of public domain children's books nicely formatted in HTML.
Kidz Club - Very cute online stories.


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Book Adventure - A FREE reading motivation program for children in grades K-8. Children create their own book lists from over 7,000 recommended titles, take multiple choice quizzes on the books they've read, and earn points and prizes for their literary successes. Book Adventure was created by and is maintained by Sylvan Learning.

Starfall Printable Reading Awards - Motivate your students with these printable awards. Available as color or black and white. Check out the neat printable bookmark award.

Pizza Hut BOOK IT! Summer Reading Program - BOOK IT!, exclusively sponsored by Pizza Hut, has for 17 years been the nationís largest reading incentive program.

Many local reading programs exist. Check with your city or county library for more information.


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PuzzleMaker - Create and print customized word search, crossword and math puzzles using your word lists.
ABC - Type in the missing letter.
Seussville University - Beginning reading games.
PBS Between The Lions - Fuzzy Lion Ears - Choose the missing letter using the picture and the sounds you hear.
Alphabetical Order - Drag the words to the proper position.
Words and Pictures - Great games and activities from the BBC.
Rats - Three games. Use the arrow keys to catch.
Let's Learn to Read - Listen and learn with this strong phonics approach.
iKnowthat: Reading - Three learning games based on phonics. Be sure to try WordBuilder.
Rhyming Words - Four games from which to choose
Rhyming Words - Four more to try.
Clifford The Big Red Dog's Interactive Storybooks - Read or listen to stories or play reading related activities.
Between the Lions - This site has more than fifty games and stories to explore.
Brain Food Puzzles - Great selection of word puzzles to challenge the mind.
Mad Libs on the Web - Check out the helpful grammar review at the bottom of the page.
PBS Madlibs - Create your own adventure.
Piece of Pi Madlibs - Madlibs with a scientific/mathematician theme.
Brain of Brian Madlibs - Some of the more humorous madlibs that you will find on the Web.
Millerville Madlibs - Many different madlibs are available.


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Project Gutenberg - Produced by hundreds of volunteers, Project Gutenberg is the oldest producer of free ebooks on the Internet with over 18,000 books.
American Rhetoric - This is a growing database currently with over 5000 full text, audio and video (streaming) versions of public speeches, sermons, legal proceedings, lectures, debates, interviews, other recorded media events, and a declaration or two. Includes many of the most popular public speeches ever given.
Literature.org - The online literature library. Many classic books available.
Bartleby Great Books Online - The 2,100 entries in this collection form the constellation of collected wisdom in American political debate.
Pink Monkey - Features over 400 free book notes, study guide, and online chapter summary notes.
American Literary Classics - 36 great stories.


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Reading Ability Screening Test - This is a simple, quick yet effective tool to determine the current reading ability level of a child. This is a screening tool and yields approximate data.
Schonell Reading Test - Get a reading age for your student.
Reading Competency Test - The National Right to Read Foundation's Reading Competency Test
Free online Reading Assessment -This test will assess your phonics skills and reading comprehension level. The test is applicable for grades 2 through 10 reading levels.

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