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Animated Molecules - Molecules drawn in 3D are animated and rotate before your eyes.

Chemical Structures - This page contains scientific visualization of chemical structures and atomic orbitals presented as QuickTime and MPEG movies. There is also coverage on the discovery of the atomic structure illustrated with captivating 3D computer animation.

Mirror Molecules - Some molecules come in mirror-image - a right-handed one and a left-handed one. This site by Smithsonian is intended for students 5th grade and up with adult supervision.

The Particle Adventure - An award-winning site for teens which introduces the theory of fundamental particles and forces called the Standard Model.

ABC's of Nuclear Science - A brief introduction to Nuclear Science. Take a look at antimatter, beta rays, cosmic connection and more. Learn the difference between fission and fusion, the structure of the atomic nucleus, and how elements on the earth were made.

InventorsToolbox: The Elements of Machines - Easy to understand examples of simple machines. Each simple machine is designed to make work easier by providing some trade-off between the force applied and the distance over which the force is applied.

How Things Work - Louis A. Bloomfield, Professor of Physics, The University of Virginia, will answer your questions about the world of physics. He also has a large resource of previously asked questions.


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Fermilabyrinth - The games at this site are online versions of exhibits found at the Lederman Science Center at Fermilab near Chicago. Come explore the science and technology of Fermilab.


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Motion Mountain Textbook Project - A free physics textbook online. The book is written to be entertaining, surprising and challenging on every page. With little mathematics, the text explores the most fascinating parts of mechanics, thermodynamics, special and general relativity, electrodynamics, quantum theory and modern attempts at unification.

Glenbrook South High School Physics Classroom - An online physics tutorial originally developed for regular-level Physics students at Glenbrook South High School in Glenview, Illinois.

Physics Classroom - Learn basic physics concepts and review them in the Physics Tutorial. Is physics difficult for you to visualize? Do you need to see it to understand it? Hone your skills by graphing problems, recognizing forces, identifying vector magnitude and direction, and practice vector addition.

Succeed in Physical Science - Free online lessons to give you a start at improving your scientific knowledge. This material combines physics and chemistry fundamentals in a way that will allow you to excel in future science studies and even become a scientific champion.


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Add a new dimension to science education by learning how the principals of physics are applied to real life situations.

Television Production - An interesting site loaded with information and over 800 color illustrations. Includes a lot of good, real life sciece. Learn what makes a camera work and the principals of TV color, about good sound and video quality, and how microphones and wireless microphones work.

Mini-Mini Golf Courses - Our fourth grade class designed and built mini-mini golf courses as part of our Inventions exhibit. We investigated the physics of miniature golf and experimented with mechanics and simple machines.

Strange Matter - A great way for you and your family to have fun while you explore leading-edge materials science. Highly animated and interactive. You'll love it!

Amateur Radiation Detection and Experimentation Page - Make your own geiger counter. Check for radiation in your home and neighborhood.

Amusement Park Physics - Amusement park rides use physics laws to simulate danger, while the rides themselves are typically very safe.

Effect of Speed and Road Conditions on Stopping Distance - A physics lesson about inertia and friction.

Experiment With Friction - Vollis Simpson is an artist who creates kinetic sculptures and whirligigs. He uses bearings in all of his spinning pieces so that they move smoothly. The experiment on this site is a nice introduction to friction and bearings.

Funderstanding Roller Coaster - Adjust the track, the mass and speed of your coaster. Increase or decrease friction or gravity, and then send your coaster on its way.


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Marvelous Machines - This is a series of experiments about simple machines: levers, wheels and inclined planes. This unit was designed for use in the third grade.

School for Champions: Physical Science Experiments -

Physics Experiments with the Slinky - Watch wave forms with your toy slinky while you listen to the "Slinky" song.

Physics Demos & Science Exhibit Designs - Homeschool dad Bill Beaty has lots of experiments you can do at home.

Little Shop of Physics - Real time online experiments you can do right now.

Structures Around the World - Build bridges and skyscrapers, well, small versions, using materials found around the house. From the Exploratorium.

Geodesic Gumdrops - See how strong a structure you can build using toothpicks and gumdrops or minimarshmellows.

Make Your Own Pinwheel - Print out, color, and assemble a delightful, working pinwheel to blow in the wind.

Make Your Own Lava Lamp - If you're a going to attempt to make your own lamp, we have all the formulas here. First I should say that the experience can be fun but it is not neccessarily cheap. As a matter of fact, just buying a new lamp is probably cheaper.


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Flying Pizza Pan Egg Drop - You can test motions of a pizza pan, toilet paper tubes, and eggs using a broom handle to apply force.

Water Balloons: The Physics of Projectile Motion - Projectile motion is explained and illustrated nicely. Best of all is the extremely clever interactive game of water balloons. Succeeding at the game is dependent upon understanding the concepts of projectile motion as presented by the web site.

The Falling Chimney - We can assume that gravity acts on the center of mass of an object. If you drop two objects, their centers of mass (com) will fall at the same rate.

Foucault Pendulum - If you start a Foucault Pendulum swinging in one direction, after a few hours you will notice that it is swinging in a quite different direction. How does this happen?

How a Boy Scout Makes Fire Without Matches - Five things are necessary to produce a rubbing-stick fire: a drill or spindle, a fire-block or hearth, a hand-socket, a bow, and tinder. A demostration of heat generated by friction.

Learn Physics Using Java - Physics Java Applets by C.K.Ng, a high school physics teacher in Hong Kong, China. Experiment with mechanics, light waves, electronics, and electromagnetism.

Animated Demonstration of Bernoulli's Principle - A cutout view of a rectangular pipe is shown here, with fluid flowing through it from left to right. This pipe demonstrates

Newton's Laws of Motion - Understanding the forces behing objects at rest and objects in motion.

Oil Well Drilling Blowout Simulator - This experience illustrates one of the major risks in drilling an oil well, a Blowout, which occurs when gas pressure inside the well suddenly forces out the oil.

Crocodile Physics - Mac & Win. Demo software available. A simulator for Middle and High school and college physics courses.

Exploratorium Science Snacks - These pages are full of Snacks...but they're not the kind you eat. They're the kind you can learn from and have fun with. Most involve physics.

Lego Magic Trick - You just know that this little Lego box with wheels must work with friction or gears, but when you remove parts, it still works! How?