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Homeschool Conferences and Other Events

Most states have homeschooling conferences at least once a year. We've listed most of the major conferences below. Where possible we have linked back to the conference website for more information.

Events are arranged in order by date. Many conferences are held at approximately the same time of year each year, so if you happened to miss one check the organization website for information about the next event. We will update information here as it becomes available as well.

If you are the coordinator for an event in your area which you would like to see listed please contact us.

January 2006

Date State Event
1/7 CO, USA CHEC Introductory Seminar
1/14 CO, USA CHEC Introductory Seminar
1/14 TX, USA John Taylor Gatto: The Trapped Flea Principal and Other Weapons of Mass Instruction
1/20-1/21 TX, USA NTHEN 2006 Winter Conference & Bookfair
1/21 NC, USA Unifour Home Educators Winter Conference and Book Fair
1/28 FL, USA PPEA Homeschool Conference

February 2006

Date State Event
2/3-2/4 TX, USA Rio Grande Valley Christian Home Educators Conference
2/10-2/11 SK, CAN SHBE 2006 Convention
2/11 PA, USA Greater Philadelphia Homeschool Science Fair
2/18 TX, USA Austin Catholic Home Educators Conference
2/23 CA, USA California Academy of Science: Special Events for Homeschoolers
2/24-2/25 CA, USA David Albert Lectures in Northern California

March 2006

Date State Event
3/4 CA, USA Homeschool 101 Workshop
3/11-3/12 IL, USA In-Home Conference
3/2-3/25 MB, CAN MACHS 15th Annual Conference
3/24-3/25 TN, USA Catholic Curriculum Fair & Homeschool Conference
3/30-4/1 MO, USA Greater St. Louis Area Home Educators Expo
3/30-4/1 NE, USA NCHEA's 2006 Conference & Curriculum Fair

April 2006

Date State Event
4/7-4/8 AB, CAN Convention 2006 - Celebrating AHEA's 20th Anniversary
4/8 MO, USA Catholic Homeschool Conference
4/20-4/22 NM, USA Christian Home School Convention
4/21-4/22 BC, CAN Christian Home Educator's Convention
4/21-4/22 CA, USA Bay Area Christian Home Educators Convention
4/21-4/22 ON, CAN RVHEA Annual Conference
4/22 FL, USA North Central Florida Home School Fair
4/28-4/29 MA, USA MassHOPE Christian Homeschool Convention
4/28-4/29 MO, USA SHEM Convention
4/29 SC, USA Positive Results 4 Homeschool

May 2006

Date State Event
5/4-5/6 GA, USA GHEA's 2006 Conference
5/5-5/6 NY, USA LI/NYC LEAH Homeschool Convention
5/5-5/6 WI, USA WPA Home Education Conference and Curriculum Fair
5/6 AK, USA APHEA Homeschool Convention
5/6 CO, USA CHEC Introductory Seminar
5/6 MA, USA Saturday Evening Spring Social
5/12-5/13 OR, USA OHEN Homeschool Conference
5/12-5/13 PA, USA CHAP Homeschool Convention
5/18-5/20 IL, USA ICHE's State Convention
5/18-5/20 WI, USA Wisconsin CHEA Conference
5/19-/20 NJ, USA ENOCH Annual Convention
5/19-5/20 IL, USA Illinois Catholic Homeschool Conference and Vendor Fair
5/19 NJ, USA ENOCH of New Jersey 16th Annual Homeschool Convention
5/20 KS, USA TPA Used Book Sale
5/25-5/27 NC, USA Annual NCHE Conference and Bookfair
5/26 MT, USA 2006 Montana Home Educators State Convention
5/26 AR, USA Arkansas Home School Convention
5/26-5/27 AB, CAN Sexsmith 2006 Homeschool Conference
5/27 AB, CAN Southern Alberta Homeschool Conference And Calgary Education Fair

June 2006

Date State Event
6/1-6/3 NC, USA Charlotte Mason conference
6/2 CO, USA High Country Annual New & Used Curriculum Book Sale
6/2 NJ, USA 2006 New Jersey Homeschool Prom
6/2 CA, USA SCOPE Homeschool Conference
6/2 BC, CAN 10th Annual BC Home School Convention
6/2 KS, USA TPA Homeschool Convention 2006
6/2-6/3 CA, USA SCOPE Conference
6/2-6/3 BC, CAN BC Home School Convention
6/2-6/3 IL, USA ICHE's Southern Illinois Home School Seminar & Curriculum Fair
6/2-6/3 MN, USA Catholic Home Education Conference and Curriculum Fair
6/3 UT, USA Utah Home Education Association Convention & Curriculum Fair
6/8 VA, USA 23rd Annual HEAV State Convention & Educational Fair
6/8-6/11 CA, USA The Link's 2006 "Kid Comfortable" Homeschool Conference
6/8-6/10 VA, USA HEAV State Convention & Educational Fair
6/9-6/10 IA, USA Remembering Our Past. Protecting Our Future
6/10 NS, CAN NSHEA Resource Fair
6/15 CO, USA Colorado's 22nd Annual Home Educators Conference
6/16 WA, USA WHO 21st Annual State Convention & Curriculum Exhibit
6/16-6/17 SC, USA SC Home Educators Convention
6/16-6/17 WA, USA WHO State Convention and Curriculum Exhibition
6/22-6/24 OH, USA CHEO State Convention
6/26 MO, USA Christian Home Educators Fellowship 22nd Annual Homeschool Conference and Curriculum Fair

July 2006

Date State Event
7/7-7/8 AL, USA CHEF's America's Christian Heritage
7/7-7/9 CA, USA Christian Home Educators Convention
7/14-7/15 MA, USA New England Homeschool & Family Learning Conference
7/14-7/15 VA, USA Northern Virginia Home Education Conference
7/21-7/22 AZ, USA Arizona Families Home School Convention & Curriculum Fair
7/27-7/29 GA, USA Southeast Homeschool Expo
7/28-7/29 CA, USA Valley Home Educators Convention

August 2006

Date State Event
8/2-8/7 ON, CAN African-American Homeschoolers: Family & Friends Vacation
8/4-8/5 CA, USA CHN's Family Expo
8/16 CA, USA HSC 16th Annual Home=Education Conference
8/19-8/20 CA, USA HSC's Home=Education Conference
8/25-8/26 VA, USA VaHomeschoolers' Homeschool Conference & Resource Fair 2006
8/30-9/4 TX, USA Rethinking Education

September 2006

Date State Event
9/2 ON, CAN Ontario's Not Back To School Family Camp
9/6-9/11 NM, USA Live and Learn Unschooling Conference

October 2006

Date State Event

November 2006

Date State Event

December 2006

Date State Event